“Looks like we don’t have enough of our own hot shot guitarists so we had to import one to keep everyone on their toes. Playing from outside the expected lines, he strokes a mellow ax but doesn’t need pyrotechnics to get his point across. Well versed in the right kind of skills to make him stand out even when being low key, this is a supercharged atmospheric date that you won’t be able to keep in the background for long no matter how hard you try. A wonderful electric taste of something different.”

Chris Spector, Midwest Record


“Pawel Ignatowicz is one of the most exciting young guitarists I’ve heard in a long time. His new album is full of beautiful, dramatic compositions played with virtuosity and deep soulful passion. He has a beautiful tone and a wonderful sense of melody, and combined with his wide guitar sound electronic palette creates a journey that keeps you engaged from start to finish. His star is definitely on the rise.”

Dave Darlington, Bass Hit Recording – Music engineer / multiple GRAMMY® award winner

“I am very honored to be sharing the stage with one of the greatest young talents. I know his voice is going to be heard, as a composer and as a guitar player. Pawel is also very humble and a very good friend. And for me is an honor to be on the stage with somebody of that quality. The whole experience is already a great privilege“

John Benitez: bass player / 4 time GRAMMY® award winner

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