Here and Now



Music Composed and Arranged by Pawel Ignatowicz

Produced by Pawel Ignatowicz
Recorded by Max Ross
Recorded February 14, 2016 at Systems Two Recording Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Additional Recording at Bass Hit Recording and Music Laboratory Studios
Mixed and mastered by Dave Darlington at Bass Hit Recording, New York, NY

Pawel Ignatowicz: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Guitar Synth, Electric Sitar
Julian Shore: Acoustic Piano, Keyboards
Ferenc Nemeth: Drums
Edward Perez: Acoustic Bass
Jonathan Singer: Tabla

“Here and Now” expresses his influence by acoustic, electric, drum and bass, Latin, Indian and minimal music. This exciting new CD features Pawel Ignatowicz on both electric guitar and acoustic, guitar synth and electric sitar. The band includes Ferenc Nemeth on drums, Julian Shore on acoustic piano and keyboards, Edward Perez on bass and Jonathan Singer on tabla. The release embodies a fresh and contemporary approach that weaves a variety of acoustic sound through the album’s very melodic concept but still very much remains in the tradition and roots of jazz.

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